Iris Bianco Fall 2018 Launch Fashion Show!

Daisy Ramirez

“Every great story on the planet happened when someone decided not to give up, but keep going no matter what”- Spryte Loriano
Iris Bianco started with the idea of having a unique and special accessory such as a necklace, earrings, or a nicely crafted bracelet. I (Daisy Ramirez) decided to pursue my dream of creating a fashion brand. Since the age of ten, I learned to create necklaces through my mother who also works in the fashion industry.
Lemon and Pearl Drop Gold Necklace
The simple idea of a product and service that focuses on individuality, self expression, and quality for people led to the creation of this brand.
We threw launch fashion show event on September 13th to expose the new fall jewelry line! I say “we” because the event came together with the help of amazing friends and family. One day out of the bloom, I decided it was time to launch “Iris Bianco”!
Models gather after the "catwalk". Lets give them a round of applause!

LaBeud modeling our Clear Quartz with Black Swarovski Necklace (Fall Colletion)

We held the fashion show at the Trinity River Distillery in Downtown Fort Worth who accommodated us to our needs. We presented our standard Iris Bianco Jewelry Collection first with our beautiful eight models who then proceeded to present our limited time only “Fall Collection” to lastly show one piece (sneak preview) of our upcoming “Christmas Collection”.
Its been an exciting experience to see everything come together! I look forward to creating more designs and to take this journey as a learning experience to develop and grow this brand into something more!
Huge "Thank you!" for everyone who came out to support this launch! - Daisy

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