How Much Is a Pearl Worth?

Olanrewaju Arilomo


The worth of a pearl is determined by multifarious factors such as the ‘size’, ‘market’, ‘type’, and ‘level of production effort’.

The Price of a Pearl is Determined by the Following-

  1. Size

Larger pearls as with most gemstones are generally more expensive than smaller ones. The millimeter, ranging from 1mm to 20 mm is used as the standard unit of measurement for pearls.

  1. Market

If the supply of pearls (especially natural ones increase), the price will decrease and conversely where its supply decreases, its price increases, therefore, making it more valuable.

  1. Type

The worth of a pearl is determined by whether they are natural or cultured. Natural pearls are gemstones found in the sea while cultured pearls are created using pearl farming techniques. Natural pearls because of their rarity are worth more. South Sea pearls are reported as most valuable ($1000-$100,000).

  1. Level of Production Effort

The rounder and more lustrous shine the pearl has, the higher the value it holds and the more surface blemishes it has, the less value it holds.

The worth of a pearl is basically determined by its size, market, type and level of production effort.


Written by Olanrewaju Arilomo

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