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If you are bored and looking for inspiration for your next fashion collection, then you should watch the Black Panther, perhaps again. Black Panther movie have may have come and gone, but it still echoes a deep feeling of culture, fashion, and style.

One of the symbolic pieces of jewelry worn in the movie was the Black Panther beads or Kimoyo beads. Kimoyo in Bantu means, “of the spirits.” The bracelet features black glass beads with silver Wakandan glyphs and a single glow-in-the-dark “Prime Bead.”

The Black Panther beads have left many fashion pundits in awe. This has driven the commercialization of the beads to an unprecedented level. People who have gone to buy the beads often say they feel like an enormous energy overwhelmed them. This may not be true but one thing we can agree is that the Black Panther beads are surely a symbolic, stylish, and piece of fashion item to own.

The symbolism of the Black Panther Beads 

Black beads

In the movie, Black Panther, the city of Wakanda is endowed with a mineral resource known as Vibranium. Vibranium is the source of prosperity and scientific discoveries in Wakanda. So powerful was Vibranium that it was used to power flying cars and cure bullets wounds. Vibranium also gave Black Panther his supernatural power. Vibranium also appeared in form of beads, known as Kimoyo beads which were worn by every Wakandan at birth. According to Marvel Wikia, It taps into the powers of Vibranium and stores their medical history. Over their lifetime, more beads are added giving them various powers such as communications, a technology similar to a mobile phone or the internet. The jewels only work within the borders of Vibranium rich Wakanda.

Types of Black Panther Beads

Black Panther beads or Kimoyo bead are used as a communication tool in the fictional Wakanda nation. The beads come in different shapes and sizes and also has different functions.

Prime Bead: The prime beads are one of the most powerful Kimoyo beads. They provide a complete medical record of every Wakandan from birth.

AV Bead: These are audio/visual beads that allows one to have access to Wakanda database through a holographic display. The beads can be used to access video files and receive broadcast on any frequency. The holographic display can be altered to any screen size.

Communication Bead: Communication beads are basically used for communicating in Wakanda. This occurs when a Wakandan moves the hand to enable them to send text messages to themselves.

Beads can be added for what any situation such as; home and personal security, GEO tracking.

Usage of Black Panther Beads

The appearance of the Kimoyo beads in blockbuster Black Panther has seen its adoption by a community of Black Panther fans and fashion lovers around the world. Now anyone can have this precious Kimoyo beads, literally giving you access to Wakanda secret communication field. In the movie, we saw how Black Panther and Shuri used the beads to communicate, control T’Challa’s Royal Talon Fighter and more. However, don’t expect so much from your newly acquired Black Panther Kimoyo beads.





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